About Us

Portfolio Thesis

Long volatility

In an uncertain world, we expect more volatility

Long inefficiency

In an emerging $1T+ asset class, we expect more inefficiency.


In a ‘gold rush’ we invest in shovels

Why Amphibian Capital?

We’re the asset manager for people who want to build a New Earth together, today.

Together with our investors, we’re using the emerging digital economy to help communities and the planet thrive.


Take action with your digital investments

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High % of GP profits

Amphibian Capital is a market-neutral crypto quant fund of funds. We aim to deliver attractive risk-adjusted returns across any asset class– no matter how disrupted the market is.

But investing with us isn’t only smart, strategic and completely secure-as we scale, a higher % of GP  profits go to impact projects. Which means you can do good by investing better.

Use your digital assets for good

Experience the impact your investment can have

Urban regeneration

We partner communities to fund spaces that foster a sustainable connection between people and place.

Consciousness & personal growth

We help individuals and organizations who are striving to build a fair, inclusive and forward-thinking society.

Land projects

We invest in community-driven projects that are reimagining physical environments for the benefit of its people and the planet.

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