Meet Our Expert Team

James Hodges
General Partner & Co-Founder

Serial entrepreneur & crypto influencer. Finance @ UC Berkeley. In crypto since ‘13. Helped scale fintech startup from 2 - 28M users.

Roland Van Der Meer
General Partner & Vice-Chairman

Investor & entrepreneur.
Manages over $2.5B of assets globally. 30+ years experience
in venture capital & start-ups.

Todd Bendell
CFP General Partner & Co-Founder

9+ years at Merrill Lynch.
Runs a private wealth management practice. Crypto investor since ’14.

Ivailo Jordanov
Partner, 7 Percent Ventures

Prolific crypto quant fund investor with 10+ years
expirience in crypto. Lead
crypto partner at $100M VC
fund. Invested in 80 crypto projects in ‘21.

Ryan Allis
Founder of Coinstack & iContact

Tech entrepreneur, Led iContact to $169M exit, Founder of Coinstack Newsletter, Harvard MBA, Crypto Since '17

Aines Rincon
Operations & Admin

Operations, admin and spreadsheet ninja.

Andrew Hoppin
CIO & Fund Managment
ChainLink Capital Management

Leading blockchain technology investor, Global Impact Entrepreneur with 23+ years experience.

Paola Origel
IRO & Fund Management
ChainLink Capital Management

+14 years of experience working for hedge funds, family offices, and private banking in NYC.

Mark Wagner
CFO & Fund Management
ChainLink Capital Management

+20 years of experience of accounting, auditing, financial management, early stage startups and Venture Capital.

Kristen Abercrombie
Investor Relations

+20 years of client management and operational experience from Intel to start-ups.

Mike Gavela
Capital Formation

Managing Director at Coinstack. Scaled publication to 50k+ institutional subscribers. Finance @ Seton Hall, in Crypto since '16

Our world leading advisors

David Langer
Founding Partner
Lionheart Ventures

Founder of $25M impact-driven VC fund
and experienced crypto
quant fund investor.
Advisor to HeartRithm and
DFi Labs.

Delfos Machado Neto,
Former Head  Us Equity Trading

Experienced Managing Partner with 28+years of expirience in Equiry Trading and Managing Partner at Dunamis Trading Group ($200M AUM).

Will, Vacher
Co-Founder & Ciso

20+ years of experience on Cybersecurity and IT Security Operations. Expert in internal processes and general operations.

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