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Vetting Crypto Hedge Funds

Over the past year, Amphibian Capital has researched over 250 crypto hedge funds, vetted over 50, and selected the 21 best for its crypto fund of funds, Amphibian USD Alpha Fund. We’ve learned a lot in the process of tracking these crypto funds through the 2021 bull market and 2022 bear market. We have designed this webinar to share what we’ve learned with other accredited and institutional investors about the process of vetting crypto hedge funds and identifying the best crypto funds for your investment objectives. 

Thursday, November 10, 2022
11am ET / 4pm GMT
55 minutes on Zoom / Link provided upon registration via email
Presented by Ryan Allis, General Partner at Amphibian Capital & Publisher of Coinstack
What You Will Learn
  • The key questions to ask when you’re diligencing a crypto hedge fund: counterparty risk, leverage, domicile, partner background, investment committee, security, custody, chain exposure, stablecoin exposure, AUM, trading strategies, monthly returns, fees, and liquidity
  • The four types of crypto hedge funds - yield funds, token funds, venture funds, and quant funds -- and what each type of fund is optimized for
  • What each type of crypto fund offers for minimums, liquidity, potential returns, and potential drawdowns
  • How Amphibian Capital designed its fund of funds by researching and vetting 250 crypto quant funds, selecting the 21 best
  • How the portfolio of underlying selected funds performed in 2019-2022
  • How Amphibian’s currently selected 21 underlying crypto funds have averaged a +13.61% net return in 2022 YTD (estimated thru Oct 31) while many other crypto funds are down more than 50% on the year
  • How Amphibian’s currently selected 7 underlying crypto funds in its ETH-fund-of-funds have averaged +21.39% net return (in excess of ETH’s performance, paid out in ETH) in YTD 2022 (estimated thru Oct 31)
  • The primary trading strategies of crypto quant funds - algorithmic, machine learning, arbitrage, and market making
  • Why avoiding major market drawdowns matters so much for long-term investment results
  • If you're an Ethereum bull, how to earn ETH-on-ETH returns (USD Fund vs. ETH Fund)
  • How the fund of funds model can mitigate risk and drawdowns
  • How to invest in the Amphibian Capital Fund of Funds for diversified exposure to top crypto funds - either via our USD-denominated fund or our ETH-denominated fund for long-term ETH holders
  • For institutional investors and accredited investors
  • For portfolio managers inside hedge funds or family offices
  • For financial advisors advising HNWIs
Additional Information
Amphibian is a crypto fund of funds dedicated to market education and being a go-to resource for capital allocators who are developing and executing their crypto fund allocation strategy.

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